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We’re thrilled to welcome you as the newest member of our community! There’s a lot happening at the Collective, so we’ve put together some resources to help you make the most of your membership.

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Clockwise from top: Pratibha Vuppuluri, Melania Edwards, Tony Guo, Akanksha Khurana (center), Anna Santiago, Taylor Bozarth, Naomi Muendo


Melania leads investor experience for the Collective team. Reach out to Melania to talk through all things related to your experience at the Collective, to chat about communitydriven investing, or simply to say hello! melania@unreasonablegroup.com

Naomi Muendo Investment Coordinator Naomi facilitates your investments, taking you through the investment process step-by-step. Reach out to Naomi about anything related to your investments or the SPV structuring process. naomi@unreasonablegroup.com


Tony Guo Senior Investment Associate Tony is your impact deal guru who diligences ventures and puts deals together. Reach out to Tony about our deal flow and pipeline. tony@unreasonablegroup.com

Pratibha Vuppuluri General Partner Pratibha leads the Collective team as our Head of Investments, keeping the pulse on ventures in Unreasonable’s portfolio, and sourcing syndicate opportunities for Collective members. Reach out to Pratibha to talk all things investments or say hi. pratibha@unreasonablegroup.com

Akanksha Khurana and Taylor Bozarth Investor Relations Managers

Anna Santiago Investor Experience Coordinator Anna oversees the Collective’s community programming and supports overall membership logistics. Contact Anna if you have any questions about events or your membership. anna@unreasonablegroup.com

Melania Edwards Director of Investor Relations

It’s likely you already know Akanksha and Taylor - they guide our members through the process of joining the Collective. Reach out to Akanksha and Taylor to chat about your experience so far, or if you’d like to refer someone. taylor@unreasonablegroup.comakanksha@unreasonablegroup.com

Your membership is set to renew one year from the day you signed your agreement. As a Founding Member, your membership dues are discounted. This discounted price will be grandfathered in for 3 years should you choose to renew.


This isn’t just a membership; you’re part of a community. Your Collective membership gives you access to the Unreasonable network of change-makers, regular gatherings, and up to 10 hand-picked, VC-backed syndicate opportunities a year. Plus, at Unreasonable, inclusivity is paramount. The Collective is committed to building an inclusive network, where at the very minimum, 50% of our members identify as women, BIPOC, or LGBTQ+. 51% of Collective members identify as women or POC.




8 | MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS The Anatomy of a Fundable Startup: How to evaluate a deal when you see one Led by Mohanjit Jolly Partner at Iron Pillar Fund Achieving racial and gender equity in financial markets Led by Daryn Dodson Managing Partner at Illumen Capital Your Collective membership gives you a chance to learn and connect while you invest. You’ll gain access to virtual and in-person gatherings designed to activate high-impact connections. COMMUNITY CoffeesCollective Designed to foster relationships at the local level, these informal meet ups allow you to connect with other members based in our membership hubs. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EVENT ARCHIVE

Community Meals world from leading industry all things

class business leaders and influencers. ConversationsCollective Learn

experts on


Ask Me SessionsAnything Tune in and learn from


This gathering style allows those in the room to share their stories without interruption. It is a way for those listening to embrace the journey of the speaker entirely. These are opportunities for you to share your story and connect with other members on a deep level. Community meals are hosted in our major membership hubs throughout the year.

We can’t wait to meet you at the next event! Meet some of our members and learn why they joined the Collective.

The Unreasonable Collective is a special kind of wonderful “Triple Play”offering members in-depth insights into extraordinary and innovative business opportunities, timely and insightful continuing education and the chance to truly engage with our fellow Collective colleagues.”



Betty is a communications industry leader with experience in every aspect of corporate and strategic communications. She served as Chief Communications Officer for the National Geographic Society, NBC, The Reader’s Digest Association and iVillage, and now consults with for profit and nonprofit entities on an array of marketing and communications issues. A former member of the AFLAC Board of Directors, Betty today co-chairs the Washington, DC Chapter of Women Corporate Directors. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the AARP Foundation, Kakenya’s Dream, Planet Forward and the Grady Collège Board of Trust at the University of Georgia, from which she graduated.


“The Unreasonable newsletter was always an inspiring read. However, we felt like bystanders, watching events happen, with little ability to influence or get involved in the potential solutions to the issues that the Unreasonable Group addressed. When we read about The Collective, it immediately resonated. Allowing us to become active participants through investing directly in the early-stage businesses that could impact the future, rather than in anodyne ESG funds, was exactly what we were looking for. But The Collective is so much more. The interaction through the discussions and workshops, and the opportunity to learn from and engage with others, both experts and neophytes like us, is unique.”

Robert Nadler Hayden Nadler

Robert has a multi-faceted business background, from running a salmon smoking factory, founding London’s first independent property research company, qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor, CEO of a publicly listed property investment and development company and latterly creating a hotel group based around a new concept in sustainable affordable luxury. Hayden studied Mechanical Engineering before working with Robert in developing their hotel concept. He is now working on a new iteration of the original hotel idea with one of London’s most successful restaurant groups.

“The Collective is exactly what we need more of in the investing world, a true community of individuals from across the globe that want to invest in companies that are solving real world problems but also building robust and strong business models. My family joined it because we want to be part of this incredible movement but also because these are the companies of the future, an absolute no brainer!”

Every single person I’ve met through Collective, whether it’s through hours, the community meals, all have been insanely impressive We’ve seen a handful of really impressive opportunities over the last few months...these are actual models, companies with real traction, you meet the management team, get intimate, business models and there’s something that investor would want to put their money into.”


Romi’s belief in the power of inpositiveandwantsandandtrueUNawarenesscultures,createhelpingLife.andasinvestmentsuccessfulhimconnectioncollaborationcommunity,andhasenabledtobuildonacareerinbankingandFoundingPartnerCEOofTheObliqueHeisfocusedonorganisationsmoreimpactfulandraisingabouttheSDGtargets.Heisabelieverthatprofitpurposeshouldcanco-existandtousehisreachcommunitytodriveimpactsociety.

Romi Sumaria


“The one takeaway from the Unreasonable Collective experience is ‘the people.’ You’re going to meet the greatest people in the world, you’re going to meet entrepreneurs who are changing the world, and you’re going to meet other members who share your passion about helping others. It’s just an incredible group of people, I’ve become lifelong friends with quite a number of them and I look forward to being a part of the Collective for years to come.” through the through the happy all of them impressive and actualopportunitiesinspiring.realbusinessactuallygettounderstandthethatanygreatinto.”

Kenneth Johnson Kenny is an Impact Investor at KKR focused on private equity and late-stage growth equity transactions. Kenny began his career at The Blackstone Group and was a founding team member of the firms’ impact investing strategy. He is a graduate from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business with a focus on Finance and Public Policy.

Chris Yeh

Chris is an entrepreneur, writer, and mentor. He is the co-founder of the Global Scaling Academy, which teaches individuals and organizations how to plan for and execute on hypergrowth, and of Blitzscaling Ventures, which invests in the world’s fastestgrowing startups. Chris is the co-author, along with Reid Hoffman, of Blitzscaling: The Lighting-fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies, and the co-author, along with Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, of the New York Times bestseller, The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age. Chris earned two degrees from Stanford University, with distinction in both, and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was named a Baker Scholar.

VC-BACKED OPPORTUNITIES As a community, we pool our capital to support entrepreneurs who are changing the world through disruptive technologies. CAPITAL We showcase between 6-10 VCbacked deals a year, giving you the chance to build your portfolio of impact investments. You have the option to optin or out of any deal that we present. The Collective community is committed to supporting underrepresented founders. Here are some of the entrepreneurs we have invested in since our October 2020 launch. Showcases

Air Protein and Kiverdi are led by Dr. Lisa Dyson, who has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2017 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Impact Americas, an initiative launched in partnership with Barclays.


Use of Funds

Founded in 2019, Air Protein - an offshoot company of Kiverdi - uses NASA-inspired technology to transform carbon dioxide, along with other simple mineral nutrients and gases, into air-based meat. They do this in a matter of days instead of months, and without the reliance of agricultural land.

15 CEO Dr. Lisa Dyson Sector ProteinAlternative Region Global Headquarters Berkeley, CA, USA Air Protein

Air Protein’s technology uses 10,000 times less land and 2,000 times less water than current agricultural practices.

Round Size: $32M Series A ADM Ventures, Barclays, GV : Innovation R&D Lab, Product Development, Hiring Needs Deal Coverage, Private Equity Wire, Investor Intelligence, Venture Capital Journal, and FinSMEs

that leverages

16 | Co-founder & CEO Jasmine Crowe Sector Energy & Environment Headquarters Atlanta, GA, USA Round Size: $1.5M Pre-Series A Investors: Emerson Collective, Backstage Capital, Unicorn VC, Capital One Use of Funds: Hiring Needs, Market Expansion, Marketing VC-BACKED OPPORTUNITIES Goodr SHOWCASE




analytics, and community impact reports.





waste management

Goodr, founded in 2017, is a sustainable food company blockchain technology to reduce waste combat hunger. technology collection distribution of donations, audit-friendly donation records, real-time waste

coordinates the

17 TurtleTree is a biotech startup using proprietary cell cultivation methods to create mammal milk with no animals needed. With aims of disrupting the $45B infant nutrition market, TurtleTree is focused on developing the world’s first human breast milk created with cellular technology. Co-founder & CEO Fengru Lin Co-founder & Chief Strategist Max Rye Sector Food and Water Headquarters Singapore Round Size: $6.5 M Pre-Series AA Investors: Lever VC, KBW Ventures, Green Monday Ventures, KK2 Global, Plug and Play Accelerator, Verso Capital Use of Funds: R&D, Production TurtleTree SHOWCASE

18 | Plant Prefab Round Size: $20M Series B Investors: Anchorage Capital,Amazon Alexa Fund, Obvious Ventures, Ferguson Ventures, Asahi Homes Use of Funds: Production and COGS Reduction SHOWCASE VC-BACKED OPPORTUNITIES Co-founder & CEO Steve Glenn Sector Energy & Environment Headquarters Rialto, CA, USA Plant Prefab is a design and manufacturing company focused on building prefabricated homes through sustainable materials, operations, and processes. Plant’s patented platform delivers greater design flexibility, transportation efficiency, and time savings than any other method of prefabricated construction.

Round Size: £7M Series A Investors: UnaTerra Venture Studio, SpeedInvest, Candy Ventures. Use of Funds: Waste Analytics, Pipeline Development SHOWCASE Co-Founder & CEO Mikela Druckman Sector TechnologyTreatmentWaste Headquarters London, England Founded in 2018, Greyparrot delivers waste bettermanagersempowerautomationtransparencywasteaimsscale.andtosoftwarerecognitiondesignedmonitor,audit,sortwasteatTheCompanytodigitizetoincreaseandandwastewithdataanalytics. Greyparrot

Target Portfolio Distribution

Fellows Companies are handpicked and invited to join the annually.Fellowship 277 VenturesScreened Collective screens all portfolio companies that flag an upcoming funding round. 100

Revenues of more than $2M at the time of investment or having a deep patentdefensibleportfolio.


AnnuallyReviewed Venture Selection Team sources potential portfolio companies for Fellowship. 500

We typically invest into rapidly growing technology companies at the Series A stage, with the following portfolio allocation: Companies that are revenue generating of at least $1M or are on track to achieve ARR of $1M+ at the time of investment or having a portfolio.defensibledeeppatent

Invest in withraisingcompaniestechnologythatareSeriesA/B VCswell-knowninstitutional making up a significant portion of the cap table investor base.

21 FormallyDiligenced undergoopportunitiesCompellingaformal VC diligence process. 20 Showcased areapprovedCommitteeInvestmentcompaniesshowcased. 8-10 byReviewedVPs Venture Partners and third-party experts support technical and operational diligence. 40 80% Climate Tech Future of Work 20% EdTech, Fintech, Health, Diversity, Equity, WorkInclusion,andRemoteProducts. Mobility & Transportation, Agriculture, Clean Energy, Alternative Protein, Digital Health, Education Technology and Industrial Automation. Target Portfolio Distribution


Initial Selection Process

Unreasonable Group screens for High Growth Technology Ventures in partnership with strategic partners and invites best in class global Ventures to the Fellowship. Ceo Support & Tracking

Our due diligence process is conducted over the course of one month minimum and includes conversationsseveralwiththe Company’s Management Team, current investors, customers, and key partners. We source opportunities solely from ventures in our own portfolio, which are pre-vetted by our Venture Selection team. Anchor Members are charged 12% carry on their investment gains at time of exit and Individual Members are charged 15%.


The Collective team enters a formal diligence period with Venture of Interest which is subject to approval by the Investment Committee before showcased to our Member Base. Crowdsourcing Insights The Collective enables co-diligence by mining members’ varied perspectives through ongoing Q&A sessions and Groves (facilitated group discussions).


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Global Portfolio Team continues to build relationships with the ventures and tracks their operational and financial milestones.

The Unreasonable Collective team undertakes a robust due diligence process in advance of sharing deal opportunities with members.

Rigorous Diligence

Share earlydata room access and MembersMemoInvestmentwithAnchorfirst;Hold an initial Q+A phone call. Anchor Member flags interest in the opportunity and RSVPs for a formal pitch with the Company.

Deal Process


Investors are emailed an invitation to create a profile on Flow Inc., our 3rd-party SPV platform.Werequest that all investor tasks are completed on Flow Inc. within 5-7 days, depending on the venture’s timeline. Invite To Flow



Once the SPV is structured and we willinvestorintobankopensthefilingreceivedhaveLLCapproval,Collectiveanewaccountwhichallfundsbewired.


Investors are asked to sign the completeAgreementandAgreementSubscriptionOperatingandnecessary tax forms (W-9 or W-8BEN). Investors are provided with bank wire instructions to complete their wire transfer.

Once all investor funds are received, the Collective initiates the wire to the venture.The Collective’s General announcement.officialreceiveDocuments.allcountersignsPartnerSubscriptionInvestorsandealclose

All Members attend an amount.bindingadatatoinvestor.hearQ&A.formalShowcasehour-longwithapitchandliveMembersalsofromtheleadMembersopt-intheCompany’sroomindicatepreliminary,non-investment



The Collective team identifies and Memo.formalandpotentialdiligencesdeals,preparesaInvestment

ShowcasePostMember gains data room access for one theofferreceivesCompany’sQ&AattendsMemberweek.a2ndcallwithCEO.Membera72-hourtocommittodeal.


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Each month, we’ll send a newsletter with upcoming events and community-related news. During the deal process, you’ll hear from the investment team at each stage to let you know the next steps all the way to close. We may also reach out from time to time to catch up and learn what other ways we can make your membership meaningful and impactful. up your profile

on Joinmembership.toAddpreferences.yourandUnreasonable.appupdateinvestmentaplusoneyourCollectivethe


How communicatewe’ll Set

CollectiveUnreasonablegroup on LinkedIn to connect with other members and learn about upcoming events. Access our social media toolkit to learn more about what our community is up to. Request a custom graphic to share on LinkedIn.

We’re just an away.email Unreasonable Collective For general inquiries, Click here to mail Contact the team: Pratibha Vuppuluri General Partner Tony Guo Senior Investment Associate Naomi Muendo Investment Coordinator Melania Edwards Director of Investor Relations Milena Stojceska Investor Experience Manager Anna Santiago Investor CoordinatorExperience

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